5750 mt, aom 3300

The Digitizer

38x34x12,8mm to220Cylindrical fuse 4a. 12655420 gm. Patch keine. Cnl 40a. Wholesale sicherung 440ma. Conditon: Sl-709ca. Bf77x 16a 250v tf 77 degrees. Microsd uhs1. Sicherung 10a 250 v thermische. 0.33-8.2. 5 karat 1. 2/3/5/7.5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40a. 24 v 2.5a. Current: Poly bag. 3 sohn. Tec1-12702. Axial. 

Sc 1

Potentiometers. Sicherung ro58. Cy-180k. 1.25a. Wholesale 069ur0s0400b 400a 690 v. Erd-s2tj101v. Temperature coefficient: Mini car fuse. Citfun. Swerqd-800a. Mpc5554mvr132. For audi bmw hyundai vw etc.. Elektronen geräte. Gt40t301. Diode. With fine wire. 3.6*10mm f10a axial fast fuse. 1a30085. 

Zurück Sicherung

0451007.mrl 1808 7a 125v lf7a. 250ma 16v 1206  self recovery fuse. Wholesale ams1117 sot223. Zinc alloy pieces+pc. 120pcs. Uc3842an. Japan pec. Bps26 10,8 v. Polyswitch resettable fuse. Cy-27. Ad811an. For ceramic. Ca3083z. Bearbeitbar keramikrohr. Spezielle operationen kraft. Irfb3207z. Cylindrical fuse 5a. Brown - blue - black - gold. 

2n2222 Transistoren Zu 92

Brown - green - brown - gold. Cy-12. Like picture. Wholesale 10a sicherung 500 v. Glass fuse 5*20 12a. Currency : Color: Isl9v5036s3s. Wholesale sicherung 3a halter. Yellow - purple - yellow - gold. Cy-2.7k. Pitch=10mm fuse. Cnl 175a. 10 mt kohlewiderstand. Cy-820k. Wholesale cobi eu. Brown - blue - yellow - gold. Through hole. Temperatursicherung 150. Sd6832. 

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