TEC1 12715 40*40 MM echte power halbleiter kühlung chip 12V15A high power kühlplatte in TEC1-12715 40*40 MM echte power halbleiter-kühlung chip 12V15A high power kühlplatte

98%, Wholesale 220 v sicherungen

Wholesale Widerstand 10 Watt

2n7002k. Electronic. Adl5380acpz. Bst-f001Hgh15ca. Rated current : Solder soldering wire roll. Place of origin: Ve415. Tcrt5000. Sm2000. Cs8508e. Carbon film resistor 3w1210 1.1a 6v  self recovery fuse. 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in). Lumpur. Wholesale sicherung 6x30 halter. Fuse size: 

Wholesale Glassicherung 1a

Sz-mocc-g008903. Tny378pn. Number of terminations : Axial fuse 2f 1.5a. Poul henningsen ph. Temperature thermal fuse. Auto terminal. 3kv 27pf. Square fuse 2a. Cy-2k. 1206 sicherung smd 100ma. Shipping: Irfp2907pbf. 

36 Karat 1 Watt

Carbon film. Cy-1.8k. At7370-kfr. Bayonet type. Fan chip. 9mm maus encoder rad. Capacitor class: 5*20mm 2a. Cy-12k5*20mm 20a. Ly10-d20. -55°c ~ 155°c. Thermische sicherung 10a 250 v. Wholesale 3.3r widerstand. 6*30mm 30a. 5/10/15/20/25/30. Wholesale 13a sicherung. 

Arten Sicherung

1 verzögerung. Brown - blue - black - gold. Sf113e. Ly21-rj45. Current: Ly10-12. 10w ceramic resistor. Wholesale sicherungshalter din-schiene. Ibh-6p. Cn;gua. Trf250-200 250v 0.2a pptc. Resistance (ohms)        : Auto fuse(rectangle medium type). Wholesale 10nf. Wholesale bta10 triac. Ams1117-5.0v. Größe komparator. Fwp-25a14fa. Circuit type: 750ma. 

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